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 W O R K

An ASSEMBLAGE is a three-dimensional collage. It is made with three-dimensional and flat objects creating a sculptural affect. A COLLAGE is simply two dimensions and is always flat. However, She has been working on taking a flat collage and making it into a three dimensional piece without the use of three dimensional objects. In other words, making a collage with depth by only using papers.


Lisa's assemblages are well-known for her use of vintage nude images enhanced by three-dimensional vintage items. All the assemblages are narrative. Lisa begins with a mental story and then creates the assemblage around that particular theme.


Her collages are made of a variety of vintage paper and transfers. All is cut by hand and pasted. There are no digital images involved and nothing is photo shopped. Many of the pieces are political or social commentaries; some are thematic and all reflect Lisa's dry but gentle sense of humor.

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