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A Few Exhibitions:
•    National Collage Society Annual Exhibition. Dayton, Ohio. 2015
•    2015 Postcard Show. Invitational. National Collage Society.
•    Featured artist on Louisville Visual Arts Association studio tour. Featured in Artebella website. 2014
•    Greater Than The Sum. National Collage Society Annual Exhibition. Denver, Colorado. 2014.
•    Repurposed and Recycled: Works by Kentucky Artisans. Kentucky Artisan Center. Berea, Ky. 2014
•    Pyro Gallery. Still on Fire. Louisville, Ky. 2014
•    Maker's Mark. Louisville Visual Art Association. 2011
•    Biannual Artist's Exhibition. Kentucky Museum of Art and Design. 2011.
•    The Art of Seduction. Tim Faulkner Gallery, 2011.
•    Member Artist’s Exhibition. Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft. Louisville, Kentucky. 2009.
•    International Wearable Expressions 2008. Palos Verde Beckstand Gallery. Los Angeles, California. 2008.
•    Faces of Women International Juried Art Exhibit. New Mexico Museum. 2007.
•    52 Mid-States Art Exhibition. Evansville Museum of Art, History, and Science. 2004.2007
•    OH + 5. The Dairy Barn. Athens, Ohio. 2006.
•    All It Takes for Evil To Prevail. Pyro Gallery. Solo installation. Louisville, Kentucky. 2006. 
•    International Exhibition of Assemblage Artists. Gallery 24. Berlin, Germany. 2005
•    Precious Little: An Exhibit of Keith Lo Bue and His Students. Studio 9. Chicago. 2005.
•    Vamps, Tramps, and Vixens: A Tribute to Bad Girls. Solo show. Pyro Gallery. Louisville, Kentucky. 2004.
•    280/PARAMETERS: A Regional Juried Exhibition of Fine Contemporary Art. Huntington Museum of Art. 2003.
•    An Early Times Sampler. Kentucky Gallery of Art and Design. Louisville, Kentucky. 2003.


Scholarships and Grants:
•    Individual Artist’s Project. Kentucky Arts Council. 2000.2003.
•    Scholarship to Quilt and Surface Design Symposium. 2000.2003.


A Few Awards:
•    Postcard Project. National Collage Society 2015.
•    Honorable Mention. “Faces Of Women International Juried Art Exhibit. New Mexico 2007.
•    Honorable Mention. The Hyde Park Art Show. Cincinnati. 2007. 


•    Collage, Assemblage, and Altered Art by Diane Maurer-Mathison. 2008. 
•    Arts Across Kentucky. 2004.
•    Today’s Woman. 2004.


•    Louisville Area Fiber and Textile Artists. 2000-present.
•    Kentucky Crafted. 2004-present.


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