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A B O U T  L I S A 

Lisa Austin, owner of One Sky Pottery,  was an award winning full-time studio potter when arthritis forced her to give up clay. Desiring to continue with art, she first began working with fabric but missed the third-dimension clay had provided. After taking an afternoon workshop in mixed media she realized it suited her better.


Being self-taught, she began to work using  her collection of vintage "stuff". Her love of old objects, Victorian odds and ends, antique bits and pieces makes her work unique among mixed media artists. Her one-of-a-kind assemblages have won her international recognition.  After taking an online class in collage, she has begun to work with antique papers, vintage periodicals, maps, and illustrations to create two-dimensional artwork. Lisa is the first Kentuckian to become a signature member of the National Collage Society.

Everything she uses is original. She does not use digital or photo shopped images. Her work is inspired by an odd expression, an old saying, a newspaper headline.....anything that captures her imagination. To date, she has won several national awards for her work  and is committed to pushing the boundaries with her assemblages and collages.  





I love the idea of encapsulating a moment in time with objects, words, and images: whether it is an emotion, a social commentary, a piece of history, a person or a place. To capture that moment and to keep returning to it because it evokes a feeling is my purpose in making mixed media. I want the viewer to think about the piece, have feelings about the piece, and to make art part of the collective experience. It is leaving a piece of time and our world behind in its physical form as well as in memory.


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